To me a portrait should be about emotion and celebrating the treasured relationships we share with our loved ones.  It should portray the subject not only in as a physical likeness, but I also want to be able to give a feeling of the character through the artwork. We want portraits that express the spirit of the individual, give a glimpse of the personality that makes them who they are, especially to us.

It is so fulfilling to be able to glimpse into a relationship and to communicate a sense of that affinity in an image my clients can treasure.

Great photographers can do this. They artfully frame the subject, catching the right light, just at the right time, getting that particular expression and snapping the shot so the important parts are in beautiful crisp focus.
Working from these sorts of photos makes my job really easy, another artist has already done some of the work.

I encourage you, if someone has taken these sort of photos for you, pay them for a beautiful print.

While I absolutely enjoy working from really great photos, I think you’ll get the best value from me using your own ‘decent’ photos, (if you live near me, I do offer the option for me to take my own reference shots if that is feasible)

I need adequate photos to work with, but as amateur photographers we often don't get all the pieces together. Sometimes we manage to get part of it right, the composition is great, but the focus is a bit off, the expression is there, but the lighting isn’t ideal, or someone has photobombed in the background. Not frameable as a photo, but something I can work with.

When providing photos, digital images are preferred, the higher resolution the better.

Natural lighting generally tends to be more pleasing, and I try to avoid working with flash photos. The more detail and sharper focus in your photo, the greater chance I have of capturing those details.

For black and white and sketch styles, lighting is important, shading and directionional lighting makes creating far more dimension and nuance possible and provides for a far better result.

I am happy to discuss your reference images with you and provide advice on which are most suitable.

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I like working from your photos because they’re personal. I usually ask for a few images and a bit of a background story so I get a feel for the subject’s personality and your (or the recipient’s) relationship with them. Then I work with you to decide which will give the best outcome depending on the medium and size you choose and the quality of your images.

I offer a number of different styles and media. I love trying new techniques and new ideas, and the qualities of each medium tends to encourage a different style, I respond to the way I feel and the flow of the different paints, pencils, papers etc. The depiction of light plays a big part in my work. Although I aim for strong accuracy and likeness, you won’t mistake my work for a photo, I like to be able to see the pencil strokes, the washes of watercolour and the texture of the paper. However, my various techniques range in detail and formality. If you haven't already, have a browse through my completed works to get a feel for what I do.


Once we have agreed on size, style and reference, I ask for a 50% deposit to start the work.

Once I begin, I usually send you a couple of photos of the work in progress so you know where I’m at.  

As art often goes through ugly stages, as I work through the process it may be mostly a general progress update, but if you have any concerns as we go, I'll take that on board, but I may just reassure you that it will come together in the end because sometimes we all have to trust in the process. 

Once I feel pretty happy with it, you will get the opportunity to let me know if there is anything that needs adjusting, which I will endeavour to rectify, if I can.

Some of my portraits come about rather faster than others, especially if I get into ‘the zone’, so you may get a starting off shot, and then suddenly it’s done. 

Above all, I want you to be happy with the result, in fact, I'd really like you to be over the moon with it. What’s the point otherwise? So I do my best to make that happen. Once we are both happy, I ask you to pay the remainder and I will then lovingly package up your piece, carefully protecting it from damage and post it off you.

If it’s a gift for someone, let me know so I can hold off on publishing it on my website and social media. And of course with any work I do, I would love to hear about how it was received, a pic of it being gifted, hanging on the wall in it's new frame or a comparison with the real life model. 

Find a rundown of the process, terms and conditions below